Michelle Armas

Naked and Famous

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Image © Michelle Armas

About the Artist

Artist Michelle Armas has been painting and making things always. Her dad supplied her with endless paper, pencils, and paints. He encouraged her by teaching her how to use oil paints and pastels. Her mother is also a talented seamstress and from her Michelle learned to keep trying until she knows her piece is perfect. Michelle owes her creative upbringing in muggy Texas surrounded by her vibrant Spanish family for cultivating a love of composing colorful art. She lives a simple life with her beautiful daughter and (very handsome) husband in Atlanta where she is surrounded by artists and makers of every description. She feels very fortunate to live in the south where the people are truly as friendly as you have heard, and the pace of life is just a bit slower.  Michelle has a graduate degree in Graphic Design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. After school she was thrilled to land her dream job working at Landor in New York. After a short time though she realized that she needed more spontaneous creativity in her life, so she began creating intricate oil paintings in the evenings and weekends. Soon those paintings began to sell and gain attention and once she moved back to Atlanta, she began to work full time as an artist.