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Image © Kelly Clause

About the Artist

From saltwater creatures to light-saturated waves, Kelly Clause draws much of her inspiration from the coastal beauty of her hometown in Santa Barbara, California. Influenced by a family of fishermen and marine biologists, international travel, and a background in elementary education, Kelly’s pursuit of art has been a self-taught journey of melding her passion for creativity, education, and the natural world. With spontaneous but deliberate brushstrokes, Kelly endeavors to reflect a balance of wild whimsy and intentional design in her art. Since the start of her professional art career in 2017, Kelly’s work has been featured in international magazines and other various online and print publications. Kelly was awarded first place in Watercolor at the Beverly Hills Art Show in May 2018. Her artwork has since been featured by companies such as Burton Snowboards, Final Straw, Santa Barbara Channel Keeper, as well as in local restaurants, on wine labels, and in several solo exhibitions. Kelly’s work spills from her insatiable fascination with nature and a desire to inspire a similar awe in her viewers.