Marcello Dudovich

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About the Artist

Marcello Dudovich (Trieste , 21 March 1878 - Milan , 31 March 1962 ) was an Italian painter. Together with Leonetto Cappiello , Adolf Hohenstein , Giovanni Maria Mataloni and Metlicovitz Leopold he was one of the fathers of modern Italian advertising posters. In the early 20th Century he was employed as a lithographer at Officine Ricordi through his friendship with the famous poster of his father Leopold Metlicovitz , and is commissioned to create many designs for advertising. He marries Elisa Bucchi, and continues to create designs for advertising along with political and social satire and movie posters. After the Second World War leaves the advertising business and devoted himself to painting. He died on 31 March 1962 in Milan for a cerebral hemorrhage.