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About the Artist

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Amy Ruppel is a prolific, self-taught fine artist, photographer, graphic artist, and web designer. Amy Ruppel was born and raised in rural Wisconsin, where she was left mostly to her own imagination, always dragging a stack of paper and a slew of pencils and crayons to her fort in the woods. Color and shape have always intrigued her, and to this day, is still searching for that "perfect oval, that perfect orange-yellow and grassy green." Her paintings are more like assemblages: hand cut birds and striped ovals of paper lie between layers of beeswax and resin mixture (encaustic method). Sometimes she uses a sharp tool to draw into the topmost layer of clear beeswax, filling these lines with oil paints or oil pastels. She then uses a propane torch to fuse it all together and make the surface smooth. Her work is exhibited in a number of galleries throughout the United States.