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Pioneer Kitchen

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Image © Steve Silverman

About the Artist

A native of Toronto, Canada, Steve Silverman is a fine art photographer with a keen and unique artistic vision. His love and appreciation for black and white photography is reflected in his dramatic landscapes and compelling monochrome vistas from across the United States and Canada. Steve studied photography and visual arts in college. After graduating from Seneca College Applied Arts and Communications program, he embarked on a career in advertising and worked as an ad agency copywriter for many years. By the late 1990s, Steve left the ad business to pursue his passion for photography. Around this time, Steve made the big leap into digital photography and established his niche in digital monochrome fine art. A profound believer in the need for the preservation of nature's beauty, he has devoted much of his artistic energy towards capturing the grandeur of scenic locations from our natural environment. Steve's monochrome landscapes are largely interpretive while always striving to establish an emotional connection with his viewing audience. He uses dramatic tonal contrast, texture and mood to express his artistic interpretation of a scene or landscape. Many of his landscapes are characterized by strong leading lines and unusual perspectives. Although photography is usually considered a two-dimensional medium, Steve is an artist most adept at creating the illusion of depth, transforming an image into a three-dimensional work of art. Many of Steve's landscape photos have been exhibited in retail galleries across Canada. Presently he is represented by international publishers and licensing agents and works closely with many art galleries in the Toronto area.