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Steve Klinkel

Coyote Pup

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Image © Steve Klinkel

About the Artist

Steve was born in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, USA. He always liked working for himself and wanted to call the shots. His first job was a roadside stand that he set up, much like a lemonade stand but he sold snakes and lizards... amazingly it became one of his many failures. From this and many other adventures, Steve learned that he was stubborn and wouldn’t quit, so eventually he went on to another very tough job, becoming a self-made artist. Artist Statement: “I think for me it’s as much of an addiction as a passion, I have had so many creative jobs as a hired gun, painting murals, making hand painted signs, computer graphics from the very early days before the Mac, I did some Art school, made thousands of rubber stamps, I painted murals on water towers, I did art shows, designed greeting cards, did tons of commissions. I hustled, and painted and sold them online. Mostly I just worked my way through the insecurities of being alone in a job that requires people to like what your doing. I think above all what makes a great artist is energy. Socializing kept me working for decades. Now I live in the country and rarely rub elbows with anyone. The internet is my sales tool and how I continue to work. I hope you will look at my work and form your own opinions, my job is to make it, then get out of the way.”