Barbara Hails

Azalea Glade

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© Barbara Hails

About the Artist

Barbara Hails explores the unique qualities of the landscape in her light-filled pastel paintings. The varied countryside, its seasonal changes, distinctive architecture, and lush growth are recurring themes in her work. By applying pastel to a ground-glass museum board in an unusual technique, Barbara is able to capture bright sunshine and rich translucent shadows in her landscapes. It is the light in her paintings which most people notice and remember. Acknowledged as one of America’s outstanding pastelists, she is an elected member of the Pastel Society of America, Maryland Pastel Society and Artists’ Equity. Her work appears in numerous public and private collections including IBM, Marriott and the Reader’s Digest Corporation. She has shown at several museums including the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio and the Société des Pastellistes de France at Palais Rameau in Paris.