Barbara Northrup

Avenue of Oaks

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Image © Barbara Northrup

About the Artist

Originally from the Vancouver B.C., Barbara Northrup studied textile and interior design in San Francisco before moving to Coastal Georgia in the mid-90’s.  Her love of the photographic medium started when she was a teenager and has been a constant companion through the years.   Northrup’s design studies prompted an interest in pattern and texture which are a theme often found in her photography.  Her use of Notan (a Japanese word that means “lightness-darkness”) is evident in both her black and white, and color work.  “It’s the ability to see things in terms of light and dark and their relationship in a composition” she says.  “It is a wonderful way to emphasize the patterns and textures in the world around us”.  An outdoor adventurer and nature enthusiast, Northrup spends much of her time exploring and photographing nature. Her travels have taken her from the mountains and glacial bays of Alaska to the beaches, salt marshes and river estuaries of Coastal Georgia. “I try to capture images that reflect the individuality of a location by conveying the mood and atmosphere unique to that particular time and place.” Northrup applies her powerful sense of symmetry, texture and repetition to both her fine art images and her textile designs. In the world of fine art photography she is best known for her black and white images of the ancient and gnarled oak trees of the Southern Coastal region. She is represented by the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. Her textile designs can be found decorating the garments of Inspire Active Wear, a line of eco-friendly yoga clothing.