John Seerey-Lester

Amboseli Child African Elephant

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© John Seerey-LesterTM. All rights reserved. Licensed by Ansada Licensing Group, LLC., Sarasota, Florida. This artwork has been officially licensed.  Utilization of this product to create any derivative product is strictly prohibited.

About the Artist

Mention the name Seerey-Lester to a fan of wildlife art and you'd more often than not get an excited response. The art of John Seerey-Lester has had that effect on his following since his entry on the art scene nearly thirty years ago. Not only is his work recognized world-wide for his depiction of large mammals and birds of prey, but his skill and unmistakable style have become easily identifiable to art fans, novices and experts alike. Before painting wildlife, John painted figurative works and portraiture, which he still undertakes. On his travels to different parts of the world, he continues to do figurative work between his wildlife paintings.