Lawrence Chvotzkin

Circular Heat

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Image © Lawrence Chvotzkin

About the Artist

Lawrence Chvotzkin is a painter working in watercolor, ink and pencil for almost a half-century. His education consists of a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Pratt Institute in 1964, and an MFA in Painting at Temple University in 1966. Lawrence was born and raised in Pennsylvania and then migrated south to Florida for the early part of his career. Inspirations for his work are the lush, organic colors of Alphonse Mucha and the translucent, intricate designs of Louis Tiffany. Culturally his work is influenced by the circular symbolism of Eastern Europe, the earthen tapestries of the Middle East, and the bright ornamental styles of Asia. Lawrence moved to New Mexico in the mid 1990’s and enjoys experimenting with Southwestern and Native American themes.