Lucile Prache

Green Winter Vegetables

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Image © Lucile Prache

About the Artist

From the beginning, Lucile Prache has been establishing a history of design filled with enormous success. She is a celebrated illustrator based in Paris whose career has seen her work with some of Europe’s most prestigious fashion publications. Marie Claire, Biba, Muze and many more have sought out her work to grace the pages of their publications. Her use of mixed mediums in an energetic color palette combined with a unique artistic flare has captivated the minds of many and inspired the work of even more. Lucile has created patterns for French designer Et Vous and had the exquisite skill of her watercolors showcased in the cookbook “Les Petites toques Le Notre”. With one stroke, Lucile’s sumptuous use of color and design breathes life into an illustration. Her art is inspired by fashion, food and Paris.