Mauro Baiocco

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

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Image © Mauro Baiocco

About the Artist

Born in Argentina, Artist Mauro Baiocco moved to New York City in 2000. His first foray into making art was to pay his way through Graduate school where he studied Social Work. While he has no formal art training, he developed a great appreciation and skill for art, and decided that he enjoyed making art more than pursuing a career in Social Work. In his collection of urban collage images, he seeks to marry his interest in photography and painting. Using recycled materials such as cardboard, metal, paper, and plastic, he builds images from his photographs, creating works that play with the idea of repetition. Often reusing the same photo, each unique work is defined and differentiated by the various materials used, making each work both an original and a reproduction. Mauro is a full time artist residing in New York City.