Michael Mandolfo

Scallop Shell

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About the Artist

A fascination with natural design inspired Michael Mandolfo to photograph the complex, nearly architectural structure of everyday objects. Using color, scale and the play of light, Mandolfo distills the organic beauty of items such as flowers, shells and leaves. His photographs reveal and admire the patterns and timeless order found, for example, in the measured spiral of a nautilus or the symmetry of a zebra palm's construction. Already a successful commercial photographer, Mandolfo's work has appeared in Times Square, at destination hotels in Las Vegas, across Europe, and in Japan. His clients include several major corporations. Although his natural photography collection stands on its own as a vibrant portfolio, Mandolfo enjoys developing custom imagery to complement specific environments, approaching each project as a unique challenge. His consideration of context and appreciation of nature yield an always powerful, sometimes unexpected, look at the world.