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Image © Sue Riger

About the Artist

Artist Sue Riger has taken hundreds of pre-dawn nature hikes since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. She loves to see the first light of day, especially on a misty morning. The mystical peace of those moments is indelible for Riger as an artist. Each year, she is even more amazed at the splendor that surrounds us. Her gratitude needs to spill out somewhere and a paintbrush loaded with lush color is her favorite tool of expression. To give viewers a way to slow down and savor beauty in our fast-paced world, the artist creates still-points — art that arrests our attention long enough to soothe us back to mindfulness and calm. Riger uses layers, scumbling, and glazes to show how the paint itself be beautiful. Using color and contrast she also expresses an awareness of light. Light is visually exciting and — like a misty sunrise — it can also evoke serenity and peace, which is what she’s after.