Susan Osbjorn

Forest Light I

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About the Artist

Susan OsBjorn is a contemporary fine artist whose career has spanned oceans and continents. Born and raised in the United States, her rural upbringing in upstate New York and Connecticut afforded her a classical education. She was recognized as an early talent at The Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a BFA in painting. Inspired by her extensive European travels, she is always looking for fresh and innovative ideas for her paintings. She enjoys incorporating the classic techniques of her fine art training into her exploration with new textures, imagery, and technology. OsBjorn's inspiration is drawn from a close affinity with the natural world, filled with a wealth of immense and deeply diverse visual material. She instills a tranquil and dreamlike quality to both her landscape and abstract paintings that induces the viewer to pause and reflect on the mysterious wonders and beauty of life. Predominantly a fine art painter, Osbjorn has also worked in the commercial and decorative markets. Her work has been published in the United States and Europe, and she continues to exhibit new artwork across the USA.