Tracy Walker

Mr. Squirrel

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About the Artist

Born in England, Tracy moved to Canada as a young girl, and there began her creative exploration of the natural world. Collections of wasp & bird nests, seed pods, branches and sea shells first filled jars and shelves, then eventually her imagination and imagery. A love of textiles, book design, paper sculpting, printmaking, gardening and travel fill in the gaps that expand her inspiration. A creative journey has led Tracy through studies in fine art and illustration, and several years spent as a book designer. She began her illustration career working with watercolour and acrylic. Capturing the transparency and layering of water and pigment, and the hand drawn feel of brush to paper has been crucial in combining her work with a digital medium. What I find beautiful are the imperfections and accidents that happen before my work appears on the screen. The computer allows me to play with that further, beyond the limitations of a traditional medium.  Tracy's illustrations appear in newspapers & magazines worldwide, as well as in advertising, package design and several books for children. Clients include Earthday Canada, Yoga Journal, Papyrus, Canada Post, The New York Times and Kimberly-Clark. When she's not in the studio, you'll likely find Tracy in the garden, camera in hand, or exploring the trails that surround her Uxbridge, Ontario home.