Valerie de Rozarieux


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Image © Valerie de Rozarieux

About the Artist

Valerie is a British artist living in the heart of the English countryside. She is self-taught and since 2016, her family having grown up, has been able to spend more time on her passion for painting. Valerie works in different media including watercolours and acrylics. She especially enjoys exploring the relationship of colours, mark-making and layering. By starting her work with spontaneity and gestural marks the paintings convey a lively energy. In her watercolours, this invariably means reacting to the paint on the paper and allowing the properties of the pigments to flow. This can mean that some passages of paint have an almost abstract appeal,which are then refined with chosen areas of detail. Having always had a love and appreciation for animals and nature, Valerie is naturally drawn to capturing these subjects in her work.