William Buffett

Mackenzie County

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Image © William Buffett

About the Artist

There can be few in North America who have not seen the artworks of William Buffett. His images are hung on the walls of movie sets, (The Usual Suspects, Heat, the soon to be made Connie and Carla, among others) television sets (Cosby, Melrose Place, Hunter, Seinfeld, Dragnet, etc.) countless model homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices and private homes. Hundreds of thousands of reproductions of his prints and paintings are distributed throughout the country as well as in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. His originals are owned by many major corporations (such as Bell Telephone, Nissan Corp., IBM, General Motors), banks, celebrities, professionals of all types and art collectors. All proudly displaying their Buffetts. Best known for his tranquil and carefully composed views of Southern California, where he was raised, he has developed a parallel reputation as a painter of New Orleans jazz musicians. Schooled at the Art Center College of Design in California, Buffett's proudest award is still his full scholarship to that school. His formal education was supplemented with travel - to the art centers of this country, Europe, and a tour of the Orient. His unique fine art screen printing technique was developed during a three year stay in New York City. Less well known are his still life paintings which he produces at intervals, for collectors who own his other works.