Jan Martin McGuire

House Wren

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About the Artist

McGuire is known as an artist, naturalist and adventurer who paints nature's diversity. Traveling the world over-sketching, painting in the field and photographing-McGuire utilizes these resources as well as expert consultants to create her expressive, lifelike paintings. As excited by a tiny chestnut-colored wren on the forest floor as by a rampaging black rhino on the African savannah, the artist strives to accurately portray nature while still eliciting a positive emotional response from the viewer. She works in acrylic paint on Masonite, manipulating the paint with brushes, sponges, plastic wrap and her fingers to create lifelike renditions of fur, feathers, mosses and rocks. The wildlife she depicts is always situated in a habitat that provides a scientifically correct yet also artistic backdrop. McGuire's work has been exhibited in such museums as the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., the Natural History Museum of London and the Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma. Her work has been auctioned by Christie's of London and is included in many corporate collections, including that of Forbes magazine. Raised in Colorado, McGuire currently lives in Oklahoma.