Jay O’Brien

Close-up of Howling Wolf, Lakota Wolf Preserve, New Jersey

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© 2023 Jay O’Brien / Danita Delimont

About the Artist

Jay O’Brien was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa but after retiring in 1998 he and his wife moved to Rio Grande, NJ. Some of his favorite areas to photograph include Cape May beach, seascapes, Pine Barrens National Preserve, New Jersey, West Virginia, and the Southwest whenever possible. He uses Nikon equipment, and currently the Nikon Z7 & 6 mirrorless system and Nikon 14-30 and 24-200 lenses.

His interest in photography came from a life changing experience, as a way of coping. He attended a workshop with Nancy Rotenberg, famous for her macro photography of nature’s beauty, who became his mentor and friend. Her workshop inspired him to believe in himself and to create images from the heart. He continues to attend workshops and view educational videos on the internet. He found that there is always room for improvement and learning, and it is a lifelong endeavor.

His work has been published in nature magazines, calendars and in various juried exhibitions, where he won awards. He creates images for himself, stating that “Just being out in nature is a rewarding and calming experience. I hope to continue as long as the light still shines.”