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Image © Erik Richards

About the Artist

Erik Sherman Richards was born in rural western New York State and as a child, moved to the Hudson Valley where has lived to date. He is a photographer and has two degrees in graphic design. His passion for photography was kindled in his high school darkroom and was honed through several college level classes. Viewers are engaged into his images of nature by the grounding or framing elements in the scene, which can make the viewer feel as though they are actually standing in and looking at the landscape. His prints are true to reality, using as little cropping or digital manipulation as possible. While he enjoys capturing specific moments in time, he also is able to envision a scene in his mind’s eye and recreate it in reality to produce unique works of photographic art. Erik has displayed and sold his photographs in galleries and shops throughout the Hudson Valley and has volunteered his design services for local charities and Non-Profit organizations. His love of nature draws him into and under the mountains where he hikes, bikes and caves as hobbies. Currently, he is employed as a salesman for a local tree service where he gets to not only help his clients, he gets to play in the sunshine most of the day and enjoy the beautiful countryside.