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Image © Chris Bliss

About the Artist

As a native New Yorker, Chris Bliss has found himself drawn to the many facets of cosmopolitan life. He finds his inspiration in the grandeur of urban skylines, the challenging and invigorating lifestyle of cities, and their isolated moments of respite from modern demands. His work reflects the insight of a broad artistic sensibility. Though always active in the field of photography, Bliss began his career as a concert pianist, having studied at the Vienna Academy of Music, Manhattan School of Music, and the University of Southern California. The discipline and attention to intricate detail that earned him his Masters degree is evident in his work. Today, Chris maintains residences on both the East and West Coast of the United States and is in high demand as a commercial photographer; a field characterized by the same pressure and creativity that pervades much of contemporary urbanism. Yet, his commercial work and his fine art are strongly connected by a keen sense of design that stamps each piece with marked individuality.