Stéphane Belin

Night City

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About the Artist

Stephane Belin has worked for the video game and the publishing industry for more than 17 years. His first game projects have been published by Lankhor (Outzone, 1991) and Psygnosis (Indigo, 1994). Since then, he has been acting as Concept artist and Art Director for award winning publishers Ubi Soft and Electronic Arts, on Batman Vengeance PS2, Prince of Persia PS2, Boogie Wii, Boogie Superstar and Army of TWO Xbox 360. He has also worked as a freelance artist across four continents, for the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, France, UK, Germany, and Australia. He has won several awards, including a nomination for best 3D still image at the first 3D Festival held in Copehnagen, the master award for best 3D environment in Ballistic Expose 1, and the Excellence award for best 2D environment in Expose 2.