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Tender Love

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About the Artist

Steve Bloom is a photographic artist who specializes in evocative images of the natural world. Born in South Africa, he first used the camera to document life there during the seventies. He moved to England in 1977, where he worked in the graphic arts industry for many years. In the early nineties, during a visit to South Africa, his interest in wildlife photography emerged, and within a short time he had swapped his established career for the precarious life of a wildlife photographer. Such a move demands an added measure of uncompromising passion and commitment. He has won awards for his work and his pictures are seen around the world in calendars, posters, advertising, editorial features and a multitude of other products. His books have been published in fifteen languages. Professional Photographer Magazine described him as a 'photographer at the leading edge who sets the agenda for the future'. Steve’s concern for the environment is strongly evident in his images. In his book, Untamed, he writes: "I am humbled by the opportunities I have had to witness the diversity of life in so many places, and I hope to share such experiences. Photography is the means by which I strive to engender in others a feeling of unity with the natural world. There remains the ongoing challenge to portray life in all its manifestations, and create images that reveal the very essence of what it is to be a living being.