Alan Hoelzle

Tigertail Beach

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About the Artist

Alan Hoelzle's expansive landscape photographs are the result of a unique blend of experience and imagination. Entranced by light and color, Hoelzle has traveled extensively, from India to Israel, Thailand to Turkey. A native Californian, Hoelzle now makes his home in New England and Florida. His ongoing search for evocative images has drawn him to our country's distinctive natural areas. His photographs have been described as "eloquent compositions with magical light... distinguished by vivid colors, dreamy light effects and a well-defined mood." Hoelzle's ability to shoot familiar settings in extraordinary conditions has produced a body of work that transcends typical landscape scenes. Hoelzle uses medium format color negative and a specially designed rotating panoramic camera to produce his images. He uses natural light exclusively, avoiding lab manipulation or enhancement. Each photograph is individually printed to custom specifications and signed by the artist. His work is displayed nationwide at the Nature Company, and featured in select galleries throughout New England and Florida.