Barry Hart

Monument Valley (B & W)

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Image © Barry Hart

About the Artist

In the work of this photographic artist, heart is the operative term. So passionately is Barry involved with his art that every one of his photos goes far beyond the usual “image capture" by vividly expressing its subject’s unique emotion. In his vast and eclectic choice of theme, Barry communicates a full gamut of human sensation, from laughter to tears, from awe to understanding, and beyond. In short, the multi-layered character of this artist’s work far exceeds the one-dimensional nature of the medium he has chosen. For inspiration Hart cites: "I’m endlessly fascinated by the interaction of horses and humans, especially humans of the cowboy variety. As a former horse trainer who continues to dabble at that art, I’m blessed with certain insights into equine behavior that give me something of an edge. Timing is everything and for me it’s a great blessing that I can feel a moment coming before it actually starts to happen- little things like a yawn; the roll of an eye, a faraway gaze, a sudden alertness, a struggle between man and animal, a misstep that’s likely to cause a fall." Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, this man-of-the-west found his way to the homeland of his heart following the siren’s song of the horse. From the East to the West and finally to the Southwestern desert, Barry sang for a living and learned the way of the horse for loving. A romantic to the core, he was ultimately drawn to the camera as a means of sharing the magnificent details he sees in every facet of God’s glorious creation.