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Pink Passion

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About the Artist

Beverly Jean has been actively painting since 1945. However, since her move from the northwest United States to Santa Fe, New Mexico, her passion for painting has intensified, which, she says, "to no small degree is due to the quality of light, the unique terrain and the variety of cultures." Of her painting process she says: "When I am in the studio only the world of my painting exists. Once I get inside my paintings, images begin to flow out from my subconscious and onto the canvas. This process is greatly enhanced by my love of jazz. I always paint to music. My paintings teem with magical life forms: dragonflies and poppies, horses and wild birds, children and harlequins. I mix my colors to achieve just the right balance of hues and use the various surface textures for depicting my images. Often collages find their way into my paintings." Jean collects puppets and antique toys, which invariably wander into her canvases, as well. In 1999 Jean published her book entitled Gypsy the Circus Dog. It contains 21 of her paintings, most done specifically for the book.