Bob Willoughby

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About the Artist

As an international photo-journalist, Bob Willoughby is most well-known for his entertainment-industry photographs, documenting the reality behind the illusion that is the world of films. After studying at film school, Willoughby worked as an assistant to a number of film studio photographers. As his skills became more refined, he began shooting pictures that were both powerful and attractive, detailing them in picture-story concept. According to his friend and fellow photographer, John Chillingsworth, Willoughby "sought images that transcended the transitory nature of the movies." Willoughby currently lives in West Cork, Ireland, and continues to create strong, beautiful artistic images. BIRTHPLACE: Hollywood, CA EXHIBITIONS: National Portrait Gallery of London, England The Museum of Modern Art, New York The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France The Musee de la Photographie, Charleroi, France