Brandon Harper

Fluid Field

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About the Artist

Brandon Harper was raised in rural Kansas outside Salina in the 1970's. His extended family lived nearby in a close-knit farming community. Brandon's interest in art began by drawing intricate farm equipment, with the landscapes behind them. His exploration of art was a way to experience something richer than the normal details of small-town life. By the time he was 16, nearly all of his free time was spent drawing landscapes. Growing up in a small town, Brandon was not exposed to the fine arts until he was 17 when he saw an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. After this visit, he knew he wanted to be a painter. It was then that Bradley decided to attend art college. The Savannah College of Art and Design offered Brandon a full scholarship, and while there, he focused on painting and sculpture. Brandon moved to Atlanta, Georgia after graduation, where his painting style expanded, and he began to show his work more often. His work debuted at Art Expo New York, 2004 and was received with great praise. His work continues to be collected throughout the world.