Brenda Tharp

Young Coastal Grizzle Bear and Mother Resting in a Meadow, Alaska

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© 2023 Brenda Tharp / Danita Delimont

About the Artist

Photographer Brenda Tharp’s goal is to transport viewers to the locations she has photographed and share the experience she’s had by creating images of nature and wildlife. It is her desire that her images will inspire and bring joy to those that view them. Her time spent in nature heals her soul like no other activity can. She is drawn to light, shape, texture, color and moments of perception. In her exploration of nature, she is thrilled at the prospect of discovering something new, or seeing something familiar in a fresh way. She loves it when something stops her in her tracks and says ‘photograph me.’

In addition to creating and selling fine art prints, Brenda is a passionate workshop instructor, author, and inspirational speaker. She carved out a career in editorial and commercial photography, and photographed annual reports, ads, corporate brochures, photo essays and stories for regional and national magazines. She soon turned her focus towards her first passion, that of landscape and nature photography, which is still today the driving force behind her photographs.