Brian McGee

Felicity II

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About the Artist

Brian McGee was born in Santa Monica, California in 1970. His father was a military colonel, while his mother was a professional sculptor. Early on, McGee learned to explore the artistic pursuits of his mother, while always bringing the strict, productive rigor of his father to his creativity. He began sketching and sculpting at an early age, receiving great encouragement from his parents and friends. During his sophomore year at the University of Mobile, Alabama, McGee formally began his training in art, taking several courses in still life and figural painting. He quickly gained recognition locally as a vibrant and prolific painter. A minor concentration in Theater provided McGee with additional techniques in makeup and set design. This expertise supported his new exploration of mixed media constructions, integrating oil, wood, and metal. Constantly craving new ways to link contemporary expressions to traditional art, McGee hopes to spend an extended period of time studying in Italy, where he will search out artistic artifacts as well as fresh inspiration. He also intends to explore his own family history in Ireland. For now, he continues to exhibit his artwork all across the United States.