Cody DeLong

Mile 202 Canyon

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Image © Cody DeLong

About the Artist

A lifelong student of art, Cody DeLong studied at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts, as well as the Scottsdale Artists School. He comes from a background of airbrush illustration and moved on to oil painting, his preferred medium for over 25 years. He found inspiration through the nature and adventure he experienced while traveling the country in a small camper with his dog. Cody eventually settled in Jerome, Arizona where he became a cornerstone of the arts scene for over 20 years. In February 2022 Cody closed his Studio/Gallery in Jerome AZ, and is currently traveling full time in his RV, painting outdoors and mountain biking. DeLong is a nationally recognized artist who has received many scholarships and awards and has been featured in many books and magazines including Sedona Magazine, Western Art Collector, Plein Air Magazine, and most recently in Southwest Art Magazine.