Derek Tucker

Varick Street

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About the Artist

Born in Littleton, Colorado in the closing years of the 60's, Derek Tucker moved to Falls Church, Virginia before the end of his first year. A close family and the youthful experience of living in the shadow of the nation's capital helped nurture Derek throughout his teens. The close proximity to Washington, D.C. offered him the opportunity to study printmaking and drawing at the National Gallery of Art, where Derek also developed an early interest in sculpture. Scenes of graffiti and buildings in disrepair were the subjects of many of his early works. The conjunction of form and color in these urban images would become a significant influence over his later creative expressions as well. Upon moving to Atlanta in 1992, Derek developed an acute sensitivity to the crumbled past, which became a recurrent theme in his art. On a recent trip to Prague, Derek discovered similar creative fuel. Exposed to that country's artistic traditions as well as its contemporary expressions, he was once again inspired by contrasting art forms vying for space within the same culture. Derek has exhibited his work for several years across the United States.