Gabriella Lewenz

Sea Elements

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© Gabriella Lewenz

About the Artist

I use hand made oils on canvas, glass and timber, rendering layers of rich coloured pigments. My paintings are evocative of the primal forces of earth, sea and sky exploring the power of the Feminine in Nature. Lewenz’s paintings and studio practice pays homage to the Spiritual nature of the land, sea, and the rich underpinnings of the ancestral histories, both her own Irish linage and Greek up-bringing, as well as within the cultural history of ‘Motuaarairoa’, the ‘long sheltering island’, Waiheke Island. I delve in and search for hidden relationships, rendering layers, thick and washed, working with the light, colour, and shadow until a sequence unfolds, creating a series of lyrical forms. Many of the works contain visual messages. They speak to the fundamental levels of our being - material, energetic, emotional and spiritual.