George Inness

A Pastoral, c. 1882-85

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About the Artist

George Inness (Born May 1, 1825, Newburgh, N.Y., U.S. — died Aug. 3, 1894, Bridge of Allen, Stirling, Scot.) was an American landscape painter. He was largely self-taught. His early paintings were influenced by the Hudson River school. He spent much time in Europe studying the works of the Barbizon school, and from c. 1855 to 1874 he developed the luminous, atmospheric quality for which his landscapes are known. The influence of Camille Corot is evident in his intimately rendered images of far-reaching expanses. His later works are marked by the ascendancy of colour over form. His sense of mysticism intensified over time, and the pictures tended to dissolve into shimmering colour with no outlines or formal construction.