Karen Lehrer

Brushstroke Small 4

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Image © Karen Lehrer

About the Artist

Southern California, CA based painter, Karen Lehrer has been pursuing creative artistic expressions since childhood. This former textile designer and stylist, creates non-objective multi layered paintings with recurring themes and patterns. She captures the essence of nature, its shapes, colors and patterns and combines them with her own personal and symbolic vocabulary. Karen has studied painting with two prominent painters in both a private tutorial, and mentorship for several years. She attended college with an emphasis on studio arts early on, then went on to receive both BA and MA degrees. Widely traveled, with recent trips to Japan, New Zealand, and Europe, she is always inspired by visiting other cultures. Karen’s interests are as diverse as her paintings; with skiing at the top of her list. Her talent for interior design can be seen in her well-appointed Santa Barbara home where she lives with her husband, and their dog, Stan, and cat, Blue Boy.