Ken Archer

Shiras Bull Moose, Autumn Snow

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About the Artist

Ken Archer is a nature photographer with more than 30 years of adventure and experience creating photographs in remote natural areas. Wild places and the creatures inhabiting them have always been a vital part of his liveliness. “Regular forays to wild places provide a healing balance to my daily life. The challenge of creating unique images of wildness through photography is part of my personal way of experiencing the wonders of nature”. Free roaming North American wildlife and unique landscapes primarily of the North-western United States and Canada are the subjects of his photographic explorations. His work regularly appears in outdoor publications and calendars and more recently grace the walls of many home and office spaces. He also leads wildlife tours with Trogon Tours, often in Alaska and Yellowstone NP, but more recently to other countries. His work is represented by Danita Delimont.