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Image © Mali Nave

About the Artist

Mali Nave was born in Israel in 1971 and spent her childhood in Melbourne, Australia. She moved to Los Angeles, California in her twenties, where she found herself greatly inspired by the sunny, cosmopolitan west coast atmosphere. After returning to Israel, she graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ram-Gan, Israel in 1997, where she majored in Printing and received a BA in Textile Design. Pleased with her education and experiences at Shenkar college, she returned to the school as a member of the faculty, teaching Computer Design for Textiles and Prints, a position she still holds today. After working for five years as a web designer, Mali Nave decided to return to her old love - textiles for the home industry. She currently has a studio in Israel, where she works with and represents other designers in the home industry. Nave often travels to Europe and the USA, showing and selling her designs to companies within her main product groups: Bedding, wall paper, printed fabrics, and woven fabrics for furniture and drapery. Mali Nave is most inspired by the beauty of nature and vintage art, and enjoys creating work that is a fusion of old with new; classic with fresh.