Margaret Juul

The Abyss

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Image © Margaret Juul

About the Artist

Tumbling underneath waves amidst effervescent aquatones, Margaret Juul's compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion.  The artist uses her imagination to distill the kinetic essence of something never at rest. Irregular shapes of green and blue cover the Unstretched Canvas, reminiscent of the brilliant marine hues that convey water in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.  Close inspection reveals rough, textured surfaces from the thick application of media on linen, including oil, acrylic and oil pastel, reiterating the earthly and organic nature of her subject. Throughout her life, Margaret Juul has been privileged to enjoy a gift of inventive creativity. After training in fine art studies at Chicago’s Columbia College, she furthered her advanced education in interior design at The International Academy of Design and Technology.  By 2007, she had accumulated an extraordinary portfolio, as well as acceptance into the prestigious International Interior Design Association; specializing in color, custom textiles, décor and fine art selection. One of the highlights of her diverse artistic career came in 2009, when the Iraq Museum International requested her image “Rough Wake” for the International Poster Exhibition at their museum in Baghdad. ”Rough Wake” would remain on display there for nearly two years. A collection of the 'Reflections' series was acquired in March 2014 and added to the newly remodeled NYU Surgical Center Endocrine and Diabetes Suite at the main patient facility; 550 First Avenue, NYC. The work was procured directly through exclusive NYU Artists Acquisitions Department.  Not only was it was an honor, but also a high point in her career. Margaret’s artistic life has always been inspired by the Sea. From the shores of her New York birthplace and on to Chicago’s Lake Michigan- to the spectacular tropics of Tampa Bay where she currently resides, water has held an unwavering hold on her spirit — fluidity, intuition and reflective volatility.    As a successful professional artist and designer for more than two decades, she has cultivated a long list of devoted supporters. Her work displays prominently in a wide variety for settings—from celebrity homes, corporate lobbies, to commercial and hospitality sites internationally.