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Image © Mindy Zielfelder

About the Artist

Mindy Zielfelder has had a passion for art since a very young age when she would obsessively draw profile portraits on the school chalkboard or scrutinize abstract art encyclopedias in the school library. But it wasn't until she took art classes in her early 30s that her obsession with imagery really flourished. From there, she would create photorealistic drawings or paintings in a variety of media, eventually producing commissions for various clients across the United States and internationally. However, influenced by the abstract art styles of contemporary artists such as Fiona Rae and Jessica Zoob, among many others, her art evolved as she took more and more risks with composition and mark-making, finally venturing wholeheartedly into abstraction. Her current body of work is ethereal, effeminate, and light as it brings together her background in realism and her love for abstraction. It is a marriage of traditional atmospheres with modern feminine color schemes, an aesthetic that takes the viewer on a fantastical journey through an oddly familiar, yet sensual new space. Mindy's goal is for her artwork to be an extension of the environment – a fresh view or another room – a way to explore that transcends the limits of the physical world. Mindy has worked extensively in a wide variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, graphite, and digital. She has taken art classes through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as Manchester Community College, and currently lives with her husband and son in Tolland County, Connecticut.