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Image © Patricia Russac

About the Artist

Patricia Russac is an award-winning artist from Oyster Bay, New York. She has exhibited her artwork in juried, invitational, and member shows. She uses drawing as her primary way of creating; it is much more direct and purposeful. For Patricia, line forms the underlying network throughout her artwork. It generates the movement across the surface to create a dynamic push and pull sensation that keeps the eye moving. Her process starts with high quality printmaking paper saturated in water to allow the condensed pastels and ink to flow smoothly across the surface. In most of Patricia’s work, the figure is the underlying theme; however, these seemingly abstract compositions create layers of mixed media and color to transform the images into intricate organic forms. The sense of growth and movement allows the viewer to travel in and out of the spaces created by the intertwining of line, color, and shape. Some of Patricia’s recent work uses nature as an inspiration, particularly after it comes to the end of its lifecycle. Like the human form, its complexities surface to reveal a new set of lines that unveil a host of delicate veins to expand the image well beyond the edge of the paper. With each new piece, Patricia’s process is about discovery. Her objective is to unite line and movement into a symphony that allows the viewer to explore their own path of inspiration.