Steve Webb

Shifting Forms

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About the Artist

Steven Webb began a fascination with art at a young age. As he began to expand his interests past just image and paper he became drawn to the mixed media approach. This experimentation has lead to the use of a variety of textures and finishes that has added a new dimension to his joy of art making. By observing how the application of various finishes and mediums react with the image, Steven Webb has found an effective combination of charcoal, wax, pastel and other mixed mediums that add depth and interest to his paintings. Aside from preserving the simplicity of the subject matter, mood is also a major focus of his work. One example of how mood is exemplified is his paintings is his method of controlling the texture of transparent wax to the subject matter. He states, "By manipulating the way mixed mediums react to each other I am able to create something new all together. I try to follow where the process takes the painting while at the same time guiding the way the different mediums react to each other during the application". Steven Webb has studied at the St, Michael Institute of Sacred Art in Mystic, Connecticut as well as privately with various professors and professional artists who have helped shape his skills in realizing the ideas that finalize themselves on both paper and canvas.