Thomas McCoy

Embracing the Future

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About the Artist

Thomas McCoy knew even as a child that art would play a major role in his life. Based on his innate passion for natural colors, Thomas's creative work has been greatly enhanced by his love of travel and his exploration of nature. He was born in 1971 in Helena, Montana, where the surrounding countryside invoked his awe and demanded his respect for the natural world. He was particularly drawn to fly fishing and camping, activities that meet nature at a level of respect and peace. His artistic flare grew out of this connection to the outdoors, as well as an instinctive desire to create with his hands. From an initial interest in building models - an activity Thomas continues to pursue today - he expanded into mixed media and modular abstractions. Regardless of the medium, Thomas was driven by an undeniable need to shape something from nothing, "to artistically imprint my creativity on the empty spaces and unused objects around me." He was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the University of Colorado, where his work grew in both style and dimension. He began applying his skills in model building to the design and construction of custom picture frames. This practice taught him not only to place the potential beauty of a well-crafted frame on par with the potential of a blank canvas, but also to recognize the interdependence of painting and framing - fine art and hand craftsmanship. After graduation, travel became an important source of learning as Thomas continued to develop his skills. In Italy, he advanced his knowledge in frame craftsmanship, sculpting intricate lines, shapes and contours from various framing materials. He plans to expand his style and range of expression by further exploring Europe, Africa and Australia. Currently, Thomas' abstracts, set within the boundaries of geometric shapes and strong natural colors, and interspersed with collage, are reminiscent of vast, natural landscapes. Mixing various solid elements in order to create a quiet and contemplative mood, Thomas strikes a soothing balance in the proportions and tonality of his compositions. Thomas presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where a significant part of his career is dedicated to framing, as well as managing archives. Each new artist and technique he encounters inspires and stimulates his need to create. His work is exhibited and collected across the United States.