The Real Story Behind Best Selling Print, Solitude

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The Real Story Behind Best Selling Print, Solitude

Read about the full story behind this best selling and iconic image by David Lorenz Winston.

From David. "I photographed Solitude in the early 80’s on the grounds of The Willistown Friends Meeting House in Newtown Square, PA. The zigzag in the fence was an anomaly. Adjacent to the Meeting House Cemetery is a farm. The woman living on the farm planned to be buried on the same side of the fence as the cemetery, yet still on her own property, so she made arrangements for the fence to jut into her property and then back to the original fence line. The image of Solitude shows the portion of fence that protrudes into her property. However, after she passed away she was buried in elsewhere and the fence was straightened out. It remains straight to this day."

"Solitude has been published in many forms, first starting out as an illustration in Allegheny Airlines Magazine in 1982. It has also appeared on both National Wildlife Federation and UNICEF greeting cards, in feature films and on a wine label (Mt. Hope Chardonnay) in the early 80’s."

"Over the years I’ve received hundreds of letters from people whose lives have been touched in some way by Solitude. To date, over 300,000 posters of Solitude have been published and distributed internationally."

This iconic piece hangs in countless homes, hotels and hospitals across the country as it adds peace, tranquility and stillness to any space. We publish this piece in 4 stocked sizes including an oversize 52x36!