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Artist Feature, Floral, Landscape, Nature, Peggy Davis, Winter Supplement 2018 -

Art can be a powerful medium to inspire, motivate, and delight. Peggy Davis’ art has that certain quality that is undeniably joyful, filled with optimism and hope. Her colors are not subtle, her message is clear: celebrate life through nature’s gifts.

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Abstract, Artist Feature, Hannah Klaus Hunter, Nature, Winter Supplement 2018 -

Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter creates work infused with the colors, textures, and wild, uninhibited compositions found in nature. In addition to natural elements, she frequently incorporates language into her artwork, drawn from being raised by two English professor parents. As a child, Hannah enjoyed spending time in her father’s vegetable garden, where she studied the colors and shapes she found there…elements that would eventually emerge in her artwork.

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Artist Feature, Illustration, Paul McCreery, Winter Supplement 2018 -

Austin-based artist Paul McCreery is constantly inspired by his city’s creative, “maker mentality”. After all, this is the city with the motto “Keep Austin Weird”, and McCreery thrives on the independent craftsman mindset that has inspired so many creative that call the city home. Originally from California, McCreery has been drawing and paintings from an early age, eventually creating designs for skateboard, snowboard, and surfboard companies.

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Abstract, Artist Feature, Karen Lehrer, Winter Supplement 2018 -

There is more to Karen Lehrer’s art than what initially meets the eye. At first glance, there are shapes; geometric patterns, stripes, and texture (which harken back to her early days as a textile designer and stylist), but look closer and you begin to see the many layers that lie beneath the surface.

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Artist Feature, Gill Bustamante, Landscape, Winter Supplement 2018 -

British artist Gill Bustamante paints dream-like forest scenes in shimmering colors that elevate and inspire. A self-taught artist, Gill has been painting and drawing since she was a child, but it was later in her life, once her children were grown, that she was able to experiment and find her true artistic voice. She was drawn to mystical subjects that provided escape to what felt like another world that was still grounded in reality.

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