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Fashion and home décor blogs are all aflutter with one of the biggest trends of 2017: butterflies. Often rooted in vintage illustration with a modern twist, butterflies are appearing on the runways of fashion houses like Gucci and Valentino, and on everything for the home from wall decor to rugs.

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The early 20th century marked a moment in history when world travel became possible through the marvels of modern engineering. Travel by rail, luxurious ocean liner, and plane made it possible to visit exotic destinations that previously had existed in books and imagination. This “Golden Age of Travel” lasted through the outbreak of World War II and left a remarkable visual record through the incredible travel posters that were created during that time.

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If you have seen a home décor magazine or catalog recently, chances are you’ve noticed an influx of large statement-making tropical leaves. You can be sure to find a trendy fiddle leaf fig tree in nearly every room setting shown, and in addition to the real thing, the leaves of these made-for-design plants are becoming go-to motifs for a range of home décor products and textiles.

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It’s subtle, cozy, and cheerful. That rosy blush, just barely pink, adding a bit of warmth and color to home decor. Blush pink was one of the trends we saw throughout the showrooms at Atlanta’s Americasmart last month. This fresh hue is being touted as a new neutral with a versatility that adds a splash of vitality to any palette without taking over.  

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Farmhouse Style has been on our radar since our Spring 2017 trend blog post and now it is taking center stage as a full fledged home décor trend.

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