2017 Trend Report - Top 5 Interior Design Trends from The Wall Street Journal

2017 Trend Report - Top 5 Interior Design Trends from The Wall Street Journal

As with every new year 2017 will usher in new looks, creations and ideas. We are beginning to see home décor trend forecasts from various sources, including the Wall Street Journal and Brit & Co and are already abuzz new publishing ideas for 2017 and beyond. Here is what the style-makers are saying:

From The Wall Street Journal: Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

1. Layered Maximalism

Image source: Domino

Patterns layered, the mixing of cultures, objects and travel finds. Chinoiserie, ornate historic motifs, florals, organic patterns and the handmade instead of rigid geometrics.

2. Terrazzo

Image source: Archi Expo

Bits of marble suspended in cement or resin. This almost indestructible material is great for floors, replacing the “somber grains” of dark woods like mahogany, ebony, and reclaimed or recycled wood which look very heavy.

3. Muted Metallic Finishes

Image source: Elle Decor

Subtlety over glitz. Oxidized metals and matte glazes are hot for 2017 while shiny polished brass from the 1970’s is on its way out.

4. Forest Green

Image source: House Beautiful

This color has been appearing in European design magazines which is a good sign that it will soon start appearing stateside. When used with grays, blacks and whites it has a very sophisticated and fresh look, replacing the pallid pink/blush that has been in showrooms recently.

5. Separate Kitchens

Image source: The New York Times

Instead of the open floor plan that has been in-demand for years, designers are saying that their clients are looking to separate kitchens from entertaining space. This keeps any mess from food preparation hidden, and keeps any unpleasant aromas contained.

Image credits: 1: Domino, 2: Archi Expo, 3: Elle Decor, 4: House Beautiful, 5: New York Times