Amy Donaldson - Inspired Abstracts

Amy Donaldson - Inspired Abstracts

McGaw Graphics has been working with artist Amy Donaldson for over 3 years, and together a collection of nearly 60 images has blossomed and continued to grow in sales and diversity. Amy’s joyful and inspiring abstracts are full of vitality and texture; each image emanates light and energy, fusing confident brush strokes beside comforting soft strokes. Her exceptional pieces are unique yet accessible. Amy now calls “The Golden State” of California home after spending time in both Florida and Chicago. She has her new studio up and running, and she has been painting up a storm; her new images as luminous as her new home state’s moniker would imply. We are happy to share more about the artist who has become a powerhouse in the art scene and beloved by collectors of her originals and prints. We spoke with Amy recently to find our more about her inspiration and process (interview below). See the Amy Donaldson Print Collection.

Amy Donaldson studio

Amy Donaldson Artist Interview:

MGI: What medium do you work with?  

AD: A fusion of natural earth substances, pigment, spray paint, and oil paint

MGI: What inspires you? What artists inspire you?

AD: The perfect love found in Heaven’s Divine Light. The buttery color palette of Richard Diebenkorn, and freely applied strokes of Cy Twombly

MGI: What are your hobbies (besides art)?  

AD:  I love making new recipes with my husband, exploring different cultures, snowboarding, and playing piano.

MGI: Describe your workspace:

AD:  My studio is on the bottom level of my home; I am inspired daily by the majestic view of the Northern California mountains outside the studio glass doors. It is a multi-functional workspace with paint studio on one side and custom canvas stretching shop on the other.

MGI: How many years have you been an artist?  

AD: Over 24 years.

MGI: Do you work in silence or with music? If music, what do you listen to?

AD: Music is the breath of my painting, I have an eclectic taste, but my main musical inspiration comes in the form of the energizing and powerful worship coming from outlets like Bethel music. 

MGI: If you were not an artist what would you do?  

AD: I would start an Interior Design Firm, creating living spaces using textures and color, similar to the aesthetics of art.

MGI: What jobs have you done besides being an artist?  

AD: After University, I started out painting custom murals in homes and restaurants which led to a successful business that included custom texturing in homes and commercial projects, including venetian plaster, faux finishing, and interior design consulting.

MGI: What is your dream project?  

AD: I have many interests and projects I would like to pursue, however, my main desire is to have a prolific impact on the art world in which those that view my art are moved and healed by the presence of love, which is the source of my inspiration. I also want to be an inspiration and example for up and coming artist to believe that God really does make dreams come true.

MGI: Is there a painting or project that you are especially proud of?  

AD: The opportunity to have my first solo exhibition in Paris in 2016 

MGI: What is your favorite color?  

AD: Pink! It is the color of joy.

"A revelation of color and light resonating from the heart of creation’s glory. Each brush stroke and every color placed on the canvas emanates from the depths of my spirit in an expression of the healing, joy, and perfect love found in Heaven’s Divine Light. Every piece holds a presence in a pursuit to inspire the heart and turn the eye to a new expression of perfect love” -Amy Donaldson

Each composition is a passionate example of Amy’s boldness in expressing her connection to color and light. Her perspective of how these elements play out on canvas is meant to inspire and awaken one’s senses to the glory she beholds as she creates. This is achieved by her fusion of crushed, powdered pigments with oil paint that are applied in a freely manner as she is lead in spirit. Using tools other than traditional brushes she attacks the surface of the canvas in a direct approach that is additive and subtractive—a process one may associate with sculpture as much as with painting.

Amy has attained a signature style that embodies a sense of immediacy and boldness, some pieces burst with joy and expose the divine light of the heavenly realm. Her works heal through the power and presence of the heavenly truth that is expressed in the interweaving of spirit, color, and light as it flows through her onto each canvas.