Chillin' with Veronica Bruce

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Chillin' with Veronica Bruce

Veronica Bruce was here yesterday signing prints for our new program with CB2. Literally chilling with Veronica, it just so happened to be the coldest day so far this winter and it also snowed 4-6" by days end. She was quite the pro and obviously not the first time she signed her name hundreds of times. 

Give and Take print tells the visual story of Veronica Bruce's month-long artist residency in Australia. “I was inspired by the secluded and focused time spent painting in my light-filled studio, allowing the outside in, reacting to the changing colors of the day, the constantly shifting wind and weather, and the vibrancy of nature.” The series of six works captures individual moments, yet relates together as a whole experience, abstracting the blazing sun, the calm river, the lush landscape and architecture of the homestead at which she stayed. Originally expressed in watercolor, crayon and acrylic, as well as pieces of Bruce’s discarded paintings collaged on sketchbook paper, the series floats in linear fashion on clean white watercolor paper.

Veronica Bruce paints, sculpts and photographs in units to create objects and images that stand alone as autonomous works, yet create an interconnected network of decisions when gathered together. The Chicago-based artist believes in using available materials in their entirety, which can include found objects from city alleys, donated materials from family members, pieces of torn-up paintings—even the desire to use all possible marks from a loaded paintbrush.The framed prints will be available in February both in store and online at available next February.

If was nice to get to know her, show her around and talk art. We are thrilled to have such a talented artist to work with, she is also quite charming and obviously beautiful. I look forward to the next visit, how about summer. ;-)