Introducing Artist Marcella Kriebel

Introducing Artist Marcella Kriebel

McGaw Graphics is thrilled to welcome illustrator Marcella Kriebel, whose vibrant cuisine-themed illustrations appear in the new Summer 2018 Supplement.  Based in Washington DC, Marcella has created a collection of watercolors and illustrated cookbooks reflecting her passion for drawing and painting paired with a love of travel and cuisine.  We spoke with Marcella to learn more about her process and inspiration behind her joyful artwork (interview below).  See the Marcella Kriebel Print Collection:

MG: What medium do you work with?  

MK:  Watercolor, Pen and Ink

MG: What inspires you? What artists inspire you?  

MK:  My food related works are inspired not only by cooking and eating during my travels, but also what’s in season, what I’m craving and what’s trending in the food world.

MG: What are your hobbies (besides art)?  

MK:  Kayaking, cycling, cooking.

MG: Describe your workspace: 

MK:  I have a small retail workspace at the Brookland Arts Walk in Washington, DC. Swing by on the Saturday if you’re in the area, I host open studio every Saturday during the neighborhood Farmers Market season.

MG: How many years have you been an artist?  

MK:  It’s safe to say I’ve been making art my entire life.  My mom is a fiber artist, and my dad is a woodworker and draftsman.  I’ve had many materials at my disposal to create throughout the years.

MG: Do you work in silence or with music? If music, what do you listen to?  

MK:  I usually work to music or podcasts.  I start out with The Daily, and move onto things like Tiny desk concerts, to A Piece of Work, By Abbi Jacobson

MG: If you were not an artist what would you do?  

MK:  I would work in a museum in the exhibitions dept, probably.  This would satisfy my interest in culture, history, and continuing to learn about the world around us in a very visual way.

MG: What jobs have you done besides being an artist?  

MK:  A multi-day Bike Trip leader and Art Installation Technician

MG: What is your dream project?

MK:  I’d like to be the person that comes up with paint colors for Benjamin Moore paints.  

MG: Is there a painting or project that you are especially proud of?  

MK:  I just finished a 60-foot long mural for the international mural festival, Pow! Wow! DC.  

MG: What is your favorite color?  

MK:  Avocado green