Introducing the Contagiously Cheerful Art of Peggy Davis

Introducing the Contagiously Cheerful Art of Peggy Davis

Art can be a powerful medium to inspire, motivate, and delight. Peggy Davis’ art has that certain quality that is undeniably joyful, filled with optimism and hope. Her colors are not subtle, her message is clear: celebrate life through nature’s gifts. Whether she is painting whimsical poppy gardens or lively trees, her work is a testament to looking at the bright side of life, even in dark times. We spoke with Peggy to learn more about her inspiration and process (see interview below):

MG: What medium do you work with?  

PD: Mostly acrylic.

MG:   What do you like most about working with this medium?

PD: I love painting acrylic because it dries quickly and I can add quick thin layers of paint very fast.

MG:   What inspires you most?

PD: Anything can trigger an idea for me: nature, a color combination, design or any random idea. 

MG:   What artists inspire you? 

PD: Henry Rousseau, Patty Baker, Jennifer Lommers, Lutz Baar

MG:   What are your hobbies (besides art)? 

PD: I am avid gardener and cook.

MG:   Describe your workspace: 

PD: My workspace consists of my pub height art table in a nook of my little consignment/Art shop in Historical Downtown Crown Point Indiana. There are beautiful wood floors, red brick walls and wonderful lighting.

MG:   How many years have you been an artist?  

PD: I have always painted since I can remember...but seriously for about 20 years. The last 10 have been my best because I have more time to devote to my work.

MG:   What jobs have you done besides being an artist?  

PD: I have been a muralist, a foster mother and business owner.

MG:   If you were not an artist what would you do?  

PD: I can't even imagine being anything I'd have to say I just don't know. I love what I do so much that anything else would be just so un- interesting.

MG:   What is your dream project?

PD: To go to Italy and paint the trees, vineyards, and hills in person.

MG:   Is there a painting or project that you are especially proud of? 

PD:  No, all my pieces have something I like about them. They each remind me of the things that were happening around the time I was working on them. So they each hold their own importance.

MG:   What is your favorite color?

PD: White & Green. Because even though you may not see them they are the undertones of all my work...they are my go to colors.

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